Please read this account of how Elena came to write these tales from her own experiences and her reactions to them over the years. The problems she had to face and the fortitude she displayed in carrying on with her self imposed mission. The difficulties that were placed in her path, the lies that were promulgated and the personal vindictive that was and still is heaped upon her. By people's ignorance, their economic greed or their political aspiration.

Elena's web page may be the most widely spread of her activities but it is by no means the only one. Her physical support to the ageing and ever decreasing folk who have returned to the infected areas. They would rather die in their homelands than live in a foreign clime.

Just to visit them in their isolation and talk for a while and bring a little cheer and sustenance must be a happy event for them. Her own resources are meagre but what she has she shares, both in time and goods.

Thank God she does receive some assistance as one sees through the number of languages her page has been translated into. It would be nice to see her publicly acknowledged by her own country. One can only hope.

Please offer support to Elena if you can.
Michael Barry