Rosemary—thats for remberence

Shakspear: Hamlet c 1600


We will remember those who have been destroyed,
and that such a thing should never happen again.

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21st OF SEPTEMBER OF EVERY YEAR Remember Chernobyl.

IMAGES OF CHERNOBYL'S GHOSTS Photos of the Villages, Graveyards and the City—twenty years latter. Captioned.

CHERNOBYL DISASTER EXPLAINED How and why it happened and what may lie ahead.

GREENPEACE REJECTS CHERNOBYL TOLL Why does Russia and most of the world see the Chernobyl death toll so differently to the victims?

CHERNOBYL ZONE RESIDENTS Photos of how some people live and why they still live there. Captioned.
APPEAL FROM THE CHERNOBYL VICTIMS Please read articles by Lyubov Sirota

Thank you for viewing these pages. I hope that you will leave this site with a better understanding of the horrors that can result from radiation, and realise how difficult it is to control when it is let loose. Bye—Michael Barry