At this time the danger of such a Nuclear catastrophe is not great in Australia. We have had one Nuclear Reactor for medical reasons for fifty years and so far there has been no known radiation escapes.

The building of many Power Generating Nuclear Reactors draws a competely different picture. It must be accepted that the danger of a significant radiation accident must be increased. May be inevitable.

The power of one event of similar intensity to that at Chernobyl in the vicinity of Sydney could wipe out a fifth of Australia's population.


You only have to let your Federal member of Parliament know that you will not vote for him or her unless they publicly oppose Nuclear Power Stations. All members of parliament have one primary aim, to have the support of the majority of their electorate. Or put another way, to continue to be members of Parliament.

We must always remember that only 4.5% of the radioactive material escaped at Chernobyl. Imagine a Nuclear Bomb landing on a Nuclear Power Station and 100% of the radioactive material escaping.

The catastrophe that would follow can not be imagined.

We are Australians AND a democracy.


Never let our children say: